The Original Paloma Stone Ceramic Guitar Slides and Tone Bars

 Paloma Stone Slides... Three Styles

Paloma Stone Guitar Slides have a clean, warm, organic tone with excellent sustain. 

My custom hand-crafted ceramic guitar slides and bars for the bottleneck, Dobro/resonator, Weissenborn, lap steel, and pedal steel guitar player offer the discriminating player a new option when it comes to "tone"... a high-fire stoneware clay body coupled with a super-smooth, scratch-free, ultra-durable glazed surface.  Stoneware has long been recognized as the "workhorse" of all functional clay bodies.  Its varied particle size ensures a stable and durable medium able to withstand an amazing amount of punishment. While very light in weight compared to brass or steel, the Original Paloma Stone Guitar Slide is very dense by nature allowing it to enable what some players have called a "sustain for days".

While some players prefer the heavy weight of a steel or brass slide,  many have found that a lighter slide is more comfortable in the hand, enables them to obtain a better touch with their instrument, and in the case of the Paloma Stone Slide, a tactile feel not found in other slides... you can feel it vibrate in sympathy with the strings it contacts while it projects a clean, warm, organic tone with a smooth touch of highs.  I invite you to compare the finish quality, attention to detail, outstanding tone, and performance of Paloma Stone Slides and Tone Bars with the other ceramic makers out there... you'll agree that Paloma makes the best ceramic guitar slides and tone bars available today!

Paloma Stone Slides have been developed with the counsel of a diverse focus group and direct input from professional players.  Literally hundreds of prototypes have been created and discarded while searching for the right design parameters to deliver the best ceramic guitar slides and ceramic tone bars possible.

I strive to deliver the "ultimate in tone and playability" and receive excellent input from Blues, Folk, Resonator, Lap Steel, Pedal Steel, Rock, Weissenborn, Western, Hawaiian, and  Bottleneck players...

"I make the slides and bars the players want to play."

For "finger style" or "bottle neck" style slides, I offer six different sizes in three lengths.

For "shaped" or "Stevens-style" tone bars, I offer three different sizes and four lengths with five end treatment options; standard cut, slant cut, bull nose, bull nose w/slant cut, and double cut.

And for round tone bars, I offer four sizes in four lengths. If you don't see a shape or size that suits you, talk to me about custom work... I do that too!

All tone bars and slides are available in thre glaze finishes; cobalt blue, clear, and marble.

Whether you are a lap or pedal steel player, resonator or Weissenborn guitar player, or a guitar player who puts a bottlenck slide on a finger and "gets it on", there is sure to be an Original Paloma Stone Guitar Slide that will let you "get your tone with stone".

Totally Hand-Made in Woodland, WA, USA.

Available in Cobalt Blue, and Clear glaze finishes.

Delivers Unmatched Finish Quality, Tone, and Performance for the Discriminating Player.





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